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By dragonflytreeandgardenservices, Apr 26 2018 11:37AM

Lawn mowing / grass cutting, borders turned and weeded fortnightly, monthly or one off cut.

We are gardeners / tree surgeons so we can do the small and big jobs. We do all jobs from small lawn mowing jobs including bordersleaf clearance and patio weed clearance to shrub, hedge and tree cutting and removal. All debris can be taken away. Longdon, Whittington, Shenstone, Burntwood, Rugeley, Lichfield, Cannock, Brownhills, Gentleshaw and all surrounding areas. All at a reasonable cost

We pride our selves in Honesty, Reliability, Quality and Value For Money

For a free quotation call us on 01543 684456.

We may be at work, so please leave a brief message and we will get back to you asap

Forget about all that hard graft in the garden. Call in Dragonfly Tree and Garden Services to do it all for you.

With a Smile !!

By dragonflytreeandgardenservices, Mar 10 2018 05:30AM

I remember when I first started doing tree work back in 1988. At that time I worked for our established family firm. It was very rare then to even see another tree surgeon on the road, let alone actually see one climbing a tree. Tree surgeons were few and very far between back then. It was a pleasure to say "Oh look there goes another tree surgeon" and pass by with a friendly toot of the horn and a wave. There was a couple of companies that if we saw working , we would pull over and say hi. Maybe even have our lunch break with them and catch up, as it was rare we would cross each others paths. This list would include People like Bruce Wells from BC Site Services of Stretton doing trees 45 yrs+, Henry Gould 60 yrs+and his sons 35yrs+ from H&G Gould Fazeley Tamworth, Richard 50yrs+/ David Barr 40yrs+ from Venture One Four Oaks, Dunfords 45yrs+ from Hednesford, Midlands Tree Surgeons 45yrs+ and Ian Morgan from Town and Country Tree Services 45yrs+(Which later became BroadLeaf owned by Bob Nichol 40yrs+). All those tree surgery companies have been around a very log time and all have very very good reputations.

Im talking about the days before chippers were popular and we burnt up all the rubbish on site. We used Stihl 020's. 044's with a fully adjustable carb, for big stuff 080's, 088's and 090's (I still have an 090 with no brake in the workshop). Later we also used Husqvarna 254's, 288's and the old 3120 which was nice to drop start when logging down a big trunk, I can tell you. Oh and the spikes at the start of the bar for gripping the tree with were called dogs. Chainsaw trousers wernt even invented then.

For climbing we had the main climbing rope,a small rope loop, a harness, 2 belts, helmet and tree irons(spikes). There were no ascenders or decenders or pretzl's or pulleys. We had ropes, knots, carabiners and good old strength.

For lowering there were no pulleys(which can attach to any vertical branch), we had to find a fork in the tree(hopeing there was no shed under it) and throw a rope over that to lower branches. Pulling ropes were always used too.

For stump removal there was no stump grinders. We had old diggers if you were lucky and could get one in, a shovel, axe and a turfer winch (again if you were lucky enough to have a anchor point). If that didnt work we used to blow them out with a root bomb. It got them out but made quite a mess ;-)

Any machinery repairs would be done by Bernard Buxton on the a34 near Cannock. When we used to go to see Bernard, it was a little shed, not like it is now. Other places we used was Redbrook Sheds, at the Levels industrial estate Rugeley and Burgess in Lichfield.

We had no power barrows, tracked wood chippers, spider platforms, long reach hedge trimmers, fancy climbing gear, stump grinders or tripod ladders and we still got the job done

These days the phrase (Oh look there goes another tree surgeon) is said in another context.......!!!

There are now more tree surgeons in the yellow pages than plumbers...Fact!!

If I pulled in to say hi ide never get anything done and quite often i see them hanging around in trees ready to drop a top throgh someones shed or green house. They seem to get qualified and think they can do any job.... Well ill tell you one thing ive learnt over the years and that is EVERY TREE IS DIFFERENT. Experience is a must.. COMPETENCE is a big word in tree work. I would say you should work as a groundsman / woman for 2-4 years before becoming a climber. Only then can you have seen enough different situations and learnt enough about the methods, equipment, machinery and safety aspects used to dismantle a tree. Climbing a tree is one thing. But useing a chainsaw up a tree is another, especially when there are obstacles beneath.

Theres a big difference between knowing the path and walking the path...or should I say climbing the path.!!!

Anyone can now go and do a weeks course and become a qualified tree surgeon. They can then go and buy some flashy climbing tackle, a chipper, a truck covered in pictures which isnt really them and then advertise and compete with the good old experienced tree surgeons.

It should be made a crime. They are a danger to the public and to them selves. Also they give reputable tree surgeons a bad name.

For a start off different trees basically have different strengths. Some are alot more brittle than others. Some trees you can anchor on to a 2 inch piece where others would snap. Some trees are hollow and may need a winch. Different fungus can make trees unsafe. Some trees are massive and there alot of weight to contend with. You must learn to allow for the slack in the lowering ropes and the swing effect. Also simple things like keeping the work area clean so falling logs dont bounce and the climbing line is always free of debris. If people dont have the proper skill set, how can they even access the job, identify any risks and expain properly the method of how they are goin to do the job.... All trees are different.

A few weeks ago I was in my local tree equipment shop looking to buy a pair of new chainsaw boots as my Jollys had seen better days. When a chap came upto me with a small rope loop and said very politely. " Well hello there my friend, would ya be able to tell me if this is the right thing for a climbing knot". I told him it was for a Prusik knot, to slide down your climbing line. I could tell he never had a clue. He then asked me if I was a climber. I told him I do a bit now and then. Then he asked me what people usually do when they havent got the faintest about tree work, how high would i go up.I repied the usual, which is how ever high i have to mate. We said our good byes and we left. Outside he had a brand new tipper truck all painted up with photos of a climber on it, sign written real nice, towing a timber wolf chipper with ladders on too......Whats that all about..???..!!!

We had a job where there was a Lombardi Poplar tree, which we had previously priced up to remove. Anyway we never heard anything for a while and I thought.....Hmmmm undercut again...A few months passed and we had a phone call. it was Mrs Bradley the lady with the Poplar tree. She was quite upset and cried at a few points. She had got a different tree surgeon to come and remove the tree for a cheaper price. he told her he had 10 years experience. Well she said they turned up with a nice new truck, chipper , chainsaws and a long ladder. She only recalled seeing the one rope. She made them all a nice hot drink and gave them some toast before she popped to the supermarket. She was gone around 50 mins.

As Mrs Bradley walked back home, she started to see the poplar come into view. What she saw was a massive chunk as she described, of the tree gone and a pair of ladders triple extended, with another tied to the end. Sticking up in the air against the tree about 40 feet. high. She couldnt hear any chainsaws going and thought maybe they were having a break. When she got home the truck and chipper were no where to be seen. She went around the back garden and BOOM!!!!!! there it was. They had tried to get the whole one side of the top from a pair of ladders that wouldnt reach. They had tied with small bt rope another ladder to the end, to make it longer. When they cut the limb it came down and took the shed and green house totally out. It also smashed the rear garage window and broke the gutter off, What a mess !!

We went and tidied the mess up, then took down the rest of Mrs Bradleys tree.

Many a time ive pulled into garages or ive been working and ive had people come upto me and ask me can i have your number as i might have some work for you tree climbing. Then I look at the truck and they are advertising them selves as tree surgeons.... Whats that all about ???...!!!

Its because they go and do a 1 week course and think they can do any tree. They think its easy. Then they stand at the bottem of a big one and look up. Without the right experience or tools for the job they get injured, cause an accident or damage something.

I know a climber who set a big piece of a limb upto lower, it hit the customers house wall, cracked the plaster inside and knocked the pictures off. The outside was cracked bottem to top. He should of simply put a strap around the piece that was left and looped it around the lowering rope. There fore taking the swing totally out. Ide say thats lack of experience. He had been doing trees for 5 years when that happened.

I was watching a tree surgeon set up the one day, and I told him he had the tree irons on the wrong feet. He was really offended, but when i got him to google a picture of them. I was right. The horizontal part of the pad should be across your shin not your calf.

I saw another chap put them on with the spikes on the outside of his feet, I couldnt believe it. I was working at Swinnerton then, it was mainly tall pines comming down. Some needed deadwooding, so it was a case of chuck the irons on and up down the trunks carefully. He had told me he was a climber , he could use a saw on the ground half decent but that was all. He had a sign written truck saying tree surgeon.

Then we have the issue of fly tippers trashing the countryside, blocking farmers gateways,blocking roads and giving us honest folk a bad name. We are fully licenced waste carriers. We pay to dispose of all of our waste

People think they can get a truck and a few tools and be a tree surgeon.

Its not like getting a bucket and a sponge and being able to wash cars.

The Job Center encouridges people they say we will give you so much money to start up your own business. What can you do? They ask. That many people are saying tree cutting as they think its easy. but then that puts to many tree surgeons in circulation. More tree surgeons means cheaper prices and less quality work. More accidents and damage. Now days people have 5 quotes not 3 for a job. 1 proper tree surgeon 4 cowboys.

I know as ive corrected so many trees and hedges in the last 30 years...!!

Be Aware ....... Be Very Aware............They really are comming out the wood work..........!!!!!!

Lombardi Poplar Job
Lombardi Poplar Job


By dragonflytreeandgardenservices, Feb 28 2018 03:49PM

It was a horrible day when we took down this Beech tree. It was freezing cold and ready to snow any minute.

We climbed the Beech and took it down in sections, by way of dismantling it. Then we felled the trunk into the garden, with a slight pull. Once the tree was safely on the ground we snedded it out and logged the trunk up for fire wood.

We are tree surgeons Lichfield Cannock Rugeley Burntwood and all surrounding local areas. 07708378536

By dragonflytreeandgardenservices, Feb 23 2018 12:03AM

01543 684456 07708 378536 We have had a few customers lately asking for kiln dried ash logs. Firstly why over the last 5-6 years kiln dried have become popular is that Ash trees are dieing in the Uk. They have a disease that is killing them called Chalara ash dieback. Why they are being kiln dried is a government request as that stops the disease spreading.

Because of the price of gas and electricity going up in the last few years alot more people are burning logs and they are being encouraged to use kiln dried as they are supposed to be below 20%. But in our climate at this time of year, when the kiln dried are stored they become 23% moisture content

There is talk that the government are going to bring in some sort of charge for people using wood burning stoves and open fires.

So they are encouraging the sale of the dieing Ash trees and then proposing a tax on the user.

Our logs when cut are 16%-20% moisture content and are all seasoned, wind dried for 2 years+.

We supply mixed bulk bags or half or full transit tipper loads.

Also I want to settle something here before I sign off. Alot of people get told use only hard wood. The difinition of a hardwood tree and a softwood tree, is this..... The hardwood is flower baring and the softwood is cone baring. So Ash Oak Beech Hornbeam Silver Birch Sycamore Maple Apple Hathorn Chestnut etc are all hardwood flower baring trees. Scotch Pine Cedar Spruce Larch Corsican Pine Conifer Yew etc are all softwood cone baring trees. Now you might be suprised here, but the hardest tree we have in England is Yew which is a soft wood and soft hardwoods include willow poplar and lime.....

Just thought ide throw that one out there. Hope the info helped as im always getting asked about hardwood.

Ash kiln dried logscannock lichfield Penkridge Brewood
Ash kiln dried logscannock lichfield Penkridge Brewood
Ash kiln dried logscannock lichfield Penkridge Brewood
Ash kiln dried logscannock lichfield Penkridge Brewood
Ash kiln dried logscannock lichfield Penkridge Brewood
Ash kiln dried logscannock lichfield Penkridge Brewood
Ash kiln dried logs cannock lichfield Penkridge Brewood
Ash kiln dried logs cannock lichfield Penkridge Brewood

By dragonflytreeandgardenservices, Dec 29 2017 01:06PM

As your local tree surgeon Lichfield, we would like to say thank you to everyone who attended the Lichfield Boxing day walk. The turn out was great, it was a pleasant suprise indeed.

Well done to the dog walkers and dogs too. We wasnt sure that some of those little legs were going to make it. So a big well done.

We all met up at Lichfield Railway Station carpark on Station Road, then headed off towards Whittington. We noticed some Hawthorn hedge cutting had been done on the side of the road. Just by the London Road Garage and they had left some big logs of Hawthorn, which we might go and collect as we do like to keep Lichfield tidy. We made our way past Whittington Church, the Dog Inn and down past Sheep Wash Farm at Fisherwick, where we had previously visited their annual bonfire. We had a rest for a little while and watched a few trains come past. Clive had his old train book out, giving us a rundown on the railway history of Lichfield. We then made tracks again and continued onto Elford, passing Stubby Leas care home on route. From there we headed down the A513 passing various farm. We admired an old multiple element cb beam on a tower as it sticks out like a saw thumb, you cant miss it. Its a fair piece of equipment and must stand 100 feet tall. By this time we were starting to slow abit as we had walked quite far. We stopped by Alrewas Arboretum and had a bite to eat and some drinks. Thanks I was starving by that point. The Turkey sandwiches went down a treat. Alan and Steve had a good look in the river Trent as they are both keen fisherman while myself and Nigel talked about doin a bit of TaiChi on the embankemnt the otherside. We contemplated a dip but thought we would be better doing that on our Lichfield Mid Summer Walk that we are organising for July/August 2018. Its just that little bit warmer.

We collected our stuff together , dogs back on leads. Exept Geoff as he never comes off the lead, hes a bugger !! We marched on upto Alrewas still on the A513. We were originally going to pass through Kings Bromley and Armitage then Back to Lichfield. But by this time we were all pretty tired and the Turkey sandwiches had weighed us down, so we swung a left and headed down by Fradley Juction. We followed the lanes at Fradley and came out at Curbourgh, Watery Lane Lichfield. Some people knew where we were at this point and seemed releaved. But on realising we still had a fair walk we pressed on. By this point Lucies little legs were flagging abit, she was like 10 steps to Geoffs one. We headed down Eastern Avenue to Trent Valley where we had five mins so everyone could catch up. Instead of going back through Boley Park, we went up the A5127 Trent Valley Road and arrived safely but tired back at Lichfield City Station carpark..

Well Done to all who attended

Happy New Year

Dragonfly Tree and Garden Services

By dragonflytreeandgardenservices, Dec 5 2017 11:36AM

As your local friendly Lichfield Tree Surgeon, we would like to say a big hello and thank you to all of our customers who have supported us at Dragonfly Tree and Garden Services this year. So Mrs Ann McIlgrew, Steve @41, Mrs Derry, Burntwood Methodist Church, Beverley, A.J, and all our other tree and garden service customers of Burntwood. Adam, Jake and Marcie, Joe, Christine, David, Mr Keen and all our Tree surgeon garden service customers of Hammerwich. Zoe, Mr and Mrs Evans, Mr Creswell, Leannne and Shaun, Gareth, Mr Davis, Jacky Burrows, Mr and Mrs Bailey and all our other tree and garden service customers of Lichfield. John, Jan, Margeret, Mr and Mrs Hearn, Mrs Silvester, Frank, David at Shavers Lane and all our other tree and garden service customers of Longdon. Mr Stone, Jenny, Karl, Mrs Pheasant, Mr and Mrs Morris, Mr Moreton, Mr Hancox, Mr Scriven and all our other tree surgery garden service customers of Rugeley. Mr and Mrs Pepper, Allan and Amy, Ade, Mr Morris, Mr and Mrs Garbutt, Mr Bark, Kevin, Damion and all our other tree surgery garden service customers of Cannock. Pat and Glin, Derick, Mark and Silvia, Jane and Chris, Chris Yates and all our other tree services customers of Cheslyn hay. Beryl, Dave, Mr Harding, Mr and Mrs Westwood, Phil, Glenda and all our other tree surgery and garden service customers in Whittington. Mr Bates, Mrs Davies, Mr and Mrs frost, Debbie, Jason, Kim, Mr Jenkin and all our tree service and garden services customers of Chase Terrace. Also we would like to say a big thank you to our new and old tree surgery / service customers in Gentleshaw, Cannockwood, Boney Hay, Heath Hayes, Wimblebury, Norton Canes, Brownhills, Gailey, Chasetown, Fisherwick, Alrewas, Wall, Hednesford, Shenstone, Slitting Mill and any other Areas we work in.

We would also like to say thankyou and wish a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to Bruce Wells Tree Surgeons of Stretton, T&S Autos of Cannock, Treeway Fencing Ltd of Hednesford, Chase Plant Hire of Chasetown, B.S.K Electrical of Burntwood, Yates Meat Products and all the staff, Yield Fields Farm, Collis DIY, Laptop Trader of Brownhills,Queen Street Chip Shop of Chasetown, Jonathan, Rob, Amanda and all the staff at Sheepwash Farm Whittington, Colin and Tom Darby of Norton Canes, Norton Canes High School, Andy powers of Stafford, DT Roofing of Hednesford, Richard Harding and Sam of Chelsyn Hay.

See you all on the next time!!

We are now going to turn the Christmas tree lights on and put one of our handmade Christmas rustic reindeers beside it!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Dragonfly Tree and Garden Services

By allpaws, Nov 20 2017 07:32PM

Hi Bloggers, thought we would say hi and post a few of the tree hedge jobs weve done around Lichfield, Alrewas, Elford, Fradley and Whittington. We are now expanding into North Staffs and the west Midlands as we have a bigger and even more experienced team of experts on hand.

By allpaws, Nov 20 2017 06:57PM

Dragonfly Tree and Garden Services went live on facebook at Whittington in Lichfield. We were at Sheepwash farms annual Bonfire night, where we helped boost the fire up with our waste branches and trimmings. Myself and Libby had a fantastic time as you will see. The food and entertainment was fantastic. The whole event was really welcoming and family orientated. ( Loved the tractor rides and hay bales for the children). All money raised went to local places like the Scouts and Whittington Cricket Club. Well done Jonathan and all at Sheepwash Farm Your all a real credit to the community. Thanks for the invite

Jay and Libby

For all Tree and garden work please call 01543 684456

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